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decirium's Journal

10 March
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Yeah, I came to thinking more about what I do, more about what I've become. Realisations.

I've been a furry for at least a couple of years without acknowledging it, many of the web art and comics being created by or for furries. More of what being a fur is to me I will add later, but for the most part, my biggest connection is spiritual in nature. Like many things it's just one of many things I am; gay; jack of trades (and I do pick up more than I can chew, too many interests); both fighter and lover - my biggest visualisation of the furry I am is that of the tiger. If the tiger is my fursona then this must be about my 6th year of being furry whether I knew it well or not.

As most say, clíché, if you want more then you need to ask. I'd appreciate a chance to fully realise myself so ask anything you would like! It will at least help me improve this bio :3