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10:36pm 25/04/2009
mood: awake
Got a fursona head redesigned from a picture of a RL Sumatran tiger, I'm planning on future adding the rest of the body but as a non-artist I'm going to have to think about it a bit.  There's a significant piece of clothing I would love to find an old picture of to show, it really struck my tiger side, it'll be well awkward to draw but I'd love it :3

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09:49pm 24/04/2009
mood: artistic
Gonna work on me basic fursona! I'm not much of an artist but it's always worth having something you "own" :P

Will probably have to finish it tomorrow since I'll probably notice something petty and mess with it to make it look right.

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Quickie post   
11:08pm 23/04/2009
mood: hopeful
Just been looking at something I stumbled on info for, be sure to go look up Punch out!!

Long time series for Nintendo, this might just convince me to dig out the Wii for some classic action, best random stumble in a while as well since the release is only a month off now!  Looks pretty amazing and they're adding something like a multiplayer to it as well, could just be tack added on but I'll cross my claws and hope it's good!

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12:53pm 18/04/2009
mood: blah
Just put a quick pic up of the type of tiger I connect with most - the sumatran tiger.  It's a placeholder for me taking a shot at some basic furry art - my fursona will be a comic style rather than realistic like the picture so look forward to that in the future!

Beyond the cut - psychology of  myselfCollapse )

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Amazing how little changes   
09:55pm 16/04/2009
mood: curious
But is that a bad thing?  Hell no :3

I've got a non-furry boyfriend unless he suddenly turns around and takes a huge interest.  Been together since 2005/6, it's been a nice gentle ride, something like the ripsaw in Alton Towers - many twists and turns but somehow stable in the middle of it all, and a little damp because thats the way rides like that go!  And not that way, sprinkles of knowledge.  Anyway... so why am I making stuff like this journal entries?  Got to start again somewhere and it can go in bio later, I always had news but just changed the bio, I'm a bad kitty for making my bit simple hehe.

So, as you'll probably guess, I'm relatively new to being furry in every sense than in spirit.  I thought it might be interesting to document what I can even if it's just for me to look back upon someday.  I'm planning to make my images, real photo and fursona, please make sure to swat your paws at me if I don't start it, I'm just idle sometimes.

I'll keep things for now, short.  I'm planning to start with some basic question meme to give people a chance to get some ideas to chat back at me on but feel free to start talking at me!

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Can I just say......   
11:11am 13/04/2003
mood: loved

After such a long time (well, I know it's only long to me, hehe), I have someone who loves me for who I am and I couldn't be happier, though there are still things to be explored with him, hehe. I will hopefully have plenty to tell though am still unlikely to update frequently! Anything more am sure those intereseted will ask!

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08:44pm 30/03/2003
mood: blah
Since people think I've died, lol, just a quick update....

Yeah, it's that bad, I've had a boring time, sure, I did get myself a job and could have showed my current hatred for the lack of consequence in protesters 'Stop the War' protests. I just don't consider that stuff interesting hehe, far too average, I'd just prefer some excitement in life to mention instead which I'm severely lacking in.

Anyway, be safe, I'm alive! :)

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03:12pm 13/02/2003
mood: amused
LOL, people who've played Everquest and enjoyed it will know what I mean, I need to put something in this journal from time to time and this is kindof the only interesting thing going on in my life, sad but it's meant to be a social game, it's not like I'm not speaking to people much.

For those interested in the stats of my main character DeciriumCollapse )
But if not then no need to read the full entry ;-)

Anyway, I'm good and safe, enjoy yourselves everyone!

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Another Year   
12:03am 23/01/2003
mood: blank
Well, 'he' would've been 27 this year, read my first ever post if you don't know what I'm on about, born 22nd January 1976. I thought I might as well relate how close we were, we had a conversation which touched me back then and only does, we both decided to save that conversation, I guess it was kinda one of the first times we could tell how much we really felt for each other.

LOL, it's not all mushy stuff, and it doesn't contain the smilies as it was saved as a txt file, I'll let you all go ahead and read, kinda personal but I might as well share it. It started partially about us meeting up about the next day, but it led on to the touching comments.

Click hereCollapse ) to check the full text, it was a whole night's conversation afterall. I loved you hun, and always will, whatever has and does happen.

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Anime characters, boredom, and a job interview :-)   
09:30pm 19/01/2003
mood: nervous
After a couple of attempts, the page loaded *sigh*

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
You're A Hero! You live to save the world! You are honest, true, and always victorious! You may not always get the girls/boys, but all you really want to do is battle the bad guys.

Wish I did get the boy, lol, if I've posted this before then ignore it

Well, I've been waiting for a job interview at the same place that dropped my contract in December, different department and similar job, hopefully after my interview tomorrow I'll have a job to goto soon *crosses fingers*

But it's been a bit boring waiting for it, few people to talk to here or in real life, oh well, I'm planning big changes in my life, starting with the job, hopefully all good ones

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12:22pm 13/01/2003
mood: cynical
After looking through "a friend of a friend's" journal, I came across Brainwave Generator which is nice product that although having been developed since '99, I've only just got my hands on.

Basically, it uses sound frequencies that use the same frequencies as brainwaves to have a follow-the-leader style effect on the brain. The strange thing is, from what I can see, it works, most settings that would benefit me right now work for me and some that are designed to aid learning are technically already known to be true thanks to classical music.

Before anyone downloads and installs, you are best to have plain old speakers AND headphones, you won't be using them at the same time but individual presets that are provided sometimes use different ones.

Anyway, on another note, I slept far too well last night, I wonder why... unfortunately, was woke up for no reason by my parents so it doesn't stop me yawning and feeling tired, but this program probably will. I don't accept responsibility for any problems that occur as a result of using this software, good luck in using it!

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Super Heros!   
05:05pm 06/01/2003
  If you were a super hero, what'd be your name (if anagramed)?

Hero Guild Name

Villains fear me.

Heroes envy me.

Michael William Wright is...

The Mind-Bending

I didn't quite like my name for for just my first/surname but with my middle name which is my full birth name anyway, it sounds pretty cool.

I'm also the 'The Plaid Enchanter', 'The Country Western Magician' (lol), 'The Yellow Executioner', 'The Green Butt-Kicker', 'The Mighty Inferno' (based on my initials, not bad, lol) and various others because there are loads of combinations of my name, including using Mike instead of Michael.

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Quizzes. And more quizzes   
08:35pm 05/01/2003
  Soul Caliber-alike

You are Xianghua -

You're used to people telling you that you're cute because you simply are!
Your love for beauty and all things social makes you a positive force amongst any group of people.
Although you may seem delicate and fanciful on the outside, you're a lot stronger than people
think you are. Purity, inner strength, and a sense of aesthetics is what makes you Xianghua.

Which Soul Calibur character are you?

this quiz was made by david park

Stole this from ptocheia after seeing it, I may not be girly but this does match me pretty well, lol.

One I nearly forgot to post, lol, it is my rating, honest ;-)

TOP 3 FF8 Characters

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Squall!
A lone wolf with the weight of the world on your shoulders, you
may not communicate your feelings to your friends, but you
are a true friend to those you are close to. In spite of your
hesitance to warm up to people, you're likely one hot number in
the eyes of the opposite sex.

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here!

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Quistis! You're a popular one. Life keeps you busy,
but you still try to slow down once in a while and enjoy the
world around you, in spite of how busy you are. You're in good
shape, and you can't help being a bit of a flirt.

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here!

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Irvine! Comfortable whether in social settings or
home on the range, you're easygoing and have a good heart.
That is one reason everyone seems to adore you. But
sometimes you feel like people don't see the real you
behind that cowboy hat.

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here!

The quiz is at the bottom of the page, you have to scroll a fair bit. Squall as my number one didn't surprise me in the slightest, lol.


what sort of weirdo are you?

this quiz by orsa

Okay, I was a little boring on this one, lol, I'm not a weirdo, no kidding...

What do people see in me?

How do people see you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not always this bad, but it's correct right now, I do smile considering my situations sometimes.

Trigun Character Match

Which Trigun character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

This sounds like me, makes me sound a hell of a lot more lifelike instead of a glum statuette, lol

Oh, one little interesting point, will mean something to some, not to others but what the hey.

I'm virtually a real life zoomorph, if you know what that means and wanted to chat then plz do. No 'what does it mean?' because there are search engines for a reason.

I really need more interesting things to do, I'll run out of things to post, lol...

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Living, plus a slight scare   
10:51pm 04/01/2003
mood: confused
Just a 'letting everyone know I'm alive' style post as well as letting people know about a rather scary e-mail (or for a better word, unexpected for certain reasons).

This e-mail came from a girl who claims to have read my MSN profile which shows 'Gay & Lesbian' as an interest, it's really unusual for this sorta thing to be sent, I know some people just look for friends, but it just seems weird...

"hiya, im *** from manchester aswel! pic on profile, id really like 2 get 2 know u, u seem really sweet! anyway, add me 2 ur msn or email me, thx *** xxx"

It just sounds, ah, decide yourself, I've the dignity to have changed her name into *'s but I think some people could do with improving their spelling/grammar, lol.

Anyway, since I'm not a nasty guy, I will e-mail her, a lot of gay men have fag hags as they're called, I just thought all the women I would know would be only in real life. And yes, I'm finding this far too weird, why would a girl who (according to her profile) likes men, want to chat to a guy whose own profile makes them out to be gay man? A male transvestite who goes by her name would have scared me less, well possibly, lol.

Still, maybe she'll have some nice male friends of the same orientation, lol, maybe this will have a possible advantage, it's just that I've never been interested in talking to women in more than a business style, they don't really fit in my life outside family and friends. I know, I'm over-reacting, but how many people can claim that this has happened to them either...

Anyway, hope everyones having a good 2003 upto now, lol

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08:36pm 02/01/2003
mood: happy
Just a little recommendation for those who like MMORPGs but don't have the cash (like myself right now, lol) to pay for it in any way whatsoever.

It's a game called Dransik which is currently still in a late beta stage release (V1.5b), for those who've played most of the good online multiplayer RPGs, this contains the elements found in a large majority of them. In saying that you'll need to accept that it hasn't got the best graphics and the controls take a little getting used to (it has a very popular server, usually very populated, so I'd recommend starting your first few games there just to save time asking for help). Graphically, some will recognize it as similar to Ultima Online, as in the earliest ones, but it has been developed over the past 3-4 years since it was first on the net in 1999.

Most importantly though is that on any of the three servers that you can play on when you download the version from the main site, it's completely free, although a quick poll designed for when you connect to the game the first time will ask you only once if you would consider paying if everything was ready and working in the game. This has no effect on being allowed to play whatsoever. The only limitation is in it's 4 characters per server, although this allows you to try each profession or multiple times. The rest of the things I could mention aren't so much limitations, but things not added or being contempleted yet.

You only get a choice of three breeds plus the choice of male or female in each, breed nor gender makes no difference in the game, only your skill and ingame skills will make your characters who they are. The four professions however give different startup skills including small blades for Warriors; mining, smelting and forging for Blacksmiths; planting for Farmers; and finally the Magery get some intial skill in body magic. Magic is done in a simple but unique way, you buy different staffs and runes, your skill is in each type of rune like with body magic I mentioned. You enchant a mage staff first to 'enable' it, then you equip any runes you wish on it. The runes are equipped on a staff on the same screen as you use to enchant it while you have it equipped, in a drag and drop style, but runes, although not permanent, cannot be removed except by replacing which has the same effect as if it runs out of charges.

Anyway, this is the sort of game you have to play to appreciate, it's not perfect but it is free which is always a good things. There isn't currently a Guild or direct 'say to person' chat so you'll be wise to make friends only with those going through at the same pace as yourself in case you never see them again. The skill system takes alot of time and effort to build but some people like that and it'll make no difference to those who don't.

Enjoy yourselves!

(Note that if I don't update for a short time, I might be on here, lol)

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12:00am 01/01/2003
  Happy new year all, hopefully you'll all have a prosperous 2003.

Now, you'll have to excuse me, I've begun drinking a bottle of Aftershock I got for Chrimbo, everyone have a good'un!

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Long Quiz   
07:22pm 31/12/2002
mood: bored
01. Full Birth Name: Michael William Wright
02. Hair Colour: Darkish brown
03. Eye Color: Green
04. Height Currently: 5' 9"
05. Glasses/contacts: Yes
06. Birthdate: 10/03/83
07. StarSign: Pisces
08. Current Age: 19
09. Siblings: Brother and sister
10. Siblings Age: Both in mid to late 20's
11. Location: Manchester, England
12. College Plans: Way ahead of you
13. Any Piercings: Only if a tattoo counts

01. Cried: No
02. Bought Something: No
03. Gotten Sick: No
04. Sang: Yes
05. Said I Love You: No
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: No
07. Met Someone New: No
08. Moved On: No
09. Talked To Someone: Yes
10. Had A Serious Talk: No
11. Missed Someone: Yes
12. Hugged Someone: No
13. Kissed Someone: No
14. Fought With Your Parents: No
15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: Yes
16. Had a lot of sleep: Yes

* ? future
[do you want to get married] No
[where would you live] America
[do you want to have kids] No

* ? this or that
[coke/Pepsi] Pepsi
[pen/pencil] Pen
[vanilla/chocolate] Vanilla
[hug/kiss] Kiss
[lights on/off] Off
[dark/light] Light
[Dr pepper/mountain dew] Dr Pepper
[McDonalds/burger king] McDonalds
[sandals/shoes] Shoes
[CD/tape] CD
[phone/computer] Computer
[skittles/m & m's] Skittles
[rich and unhappy/poor and happy] Poor and Happy, honestly, who'd want to choose to be unhappy, lol

* ? favorites
[color] Purple
[food] Too many to mention
[song] As above, but mostly pop or trance songs
[group] Same as above
[solo singer/rapper] Same as above
[movie] Comedies or Action, no favourite
[tv show] Comedies, cartoons, anime, that sort of thing
[beverage] Pepsi
[alcoholic beverage] Aftershock
[radio station] After they got really repetitive, I forgot about having a favourite
[book] Any Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett
[holiday] Canada
[sport] Badminton
[fast food] Quarterpounder with cheese, fries
[color to wear] Dark colors, though not usually pure black
[number] 13

* ? questions
- have you ever ..
[cheated on a test] Yes, more than likely, but I do well without either way, lol
[cut your own hair] No
[dyed your own hair] No
[been in a fight] Yes
[if so, how many times] None recently, mostly in high school, about 3 times
[skinny dipped] No
[skipped school] And college, I didn't come out too badly even so
[stayed home on a saturday] Yes
[streaked] No, and doubt I ever will volunterily
[toilet papered someones house/car] No
[paintballed someones house/car etc] No
[got in trouble with the police] No
[stolen something] No
[broken a bone] No
[cheated on a bf/gf] No, I haven't had a chance to have a proper bf and would probably tell them and get it over with if I felt the urge to
[fell asleep in class] Well, I have at work once, but never actually at school/college
[gone to jail/juvenile] No
[been in the hospital] Yes
[gotten lost on a vacation] Hehe, yeah, we wanted to avoid toll roads in Florida so we didn't follow the instructions to get to the place we were staying

* ? other questions
[do you wish u were older/younger] Maybe a little older
[if so, what age and why] So that people stop acting as if I'm not as good as I am and treat me like the adult I actually am
[do you drink] Yes, but only socially
[do you smoke] No
[do you consider yourself attractive] There are things I would change, but people have called me attractive
[do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] I would say I consider myself a nice guy, boy is too young sounding
[do you have a cd burner] No, but I wouldn't mind having one
[what did you do yesterday] Setup this journal, read a Discworld novel, listened to music, played video games
[what did you do today] Pretty much as yesterday except you can change the word 'setup' to 'worked on', lol
[what are you doing tomorrow] Probably considering loneliness for a few minutes because another year's passed, then trying to do something about it
[what are you doing this weekend] It seems too far away to consider planning it
[what did you do last weekend] See Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow answers
[what are you gonna do when this is over] Find something thats more interesting to do, start on some alcohol (it's New Year, I need to have something, lol)

There you go, a fairly long quiz, obviously you can use the quiz yourself if you want to do it too, now I can just focus on actual journal stuff on here.

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Quizzes - Get to know me, you know you want to, lol   
04:52am 31/12/2002
mood: amused
romantic kisser

You Are A Romantic Kisser!

You'll only kiss if the mood is right and if you think you are falling in love.

Some may say you're old fashioned, but when you kiss, you see stars!

One kiss from you, and anyone will be hooked forever.

How Do *You* Kiss?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva


What sort of Dragon watches over you?

brought to you by Quizilla


You're water! For the most part, you are very serene and gentle. If someone angers you however, you can go from serene to pissed in .0005 seconds.

What element are you?


What Sign of Affection Are You?

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What's your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla


What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim


Which guy are you destined to have sex with?

brought to you by Quizilla


Where Did Your Soul Originate?

brought to you by Quizilla


Yeah, I took a few quizzes, none of their results actually surprise me, they fit my personality, etc. well, but it gives my readers, present or future, an insight. If I get bored enough to do one, I'll do a normal 'marketing style' quiz with all the trimmings type and post it but probably excluding the pointless questions.

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11:44pm 30/12/2002
mood: accomplished
Welcome to my journal, hopefully it'll be an interesting read (who says people don't quite like prying into peoples lives, lol)

As my profile says, look at the community I created and feel free to look at the webpage I've linked to (which is a non-LJ community) as I hope both will be fun for people to talk on. As depressing as my first post was, I wanted to put a memory up, it was a bad time in my life that I wish hadn't happened, but you can see I haven't given up and I'm looking to meet some nice people one here as I go along. He was a great guy, perfect for me and it was true love, but I've been looking to the future more recently and hoping for my problems to go away permanently. I may even be talking to the right guy now, so here's hoping!

Hope you all enjoy the journal, don't be strangers now!

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12:00pm 03/05/2002
mood: depressed
Someone I was really close to disappeared without a sign and hasn't been heard from since. I've already made a presumption of what has happened and it was a painful point in time, but time is like a river, I'll just have to go with the flow...

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